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Nursing and Care Home Waste Disposal and Collection

Sanitary Waste, EWC 18-01-04

Offensive waste, placed into yellow tiger stripe bags, in a 50 litre bin or not), then transferred outside for collection in an optional wheelie bin.


Full sanitary bin services

  • Sanitary bins serviced by our own staff
  • Collection frequency to meet your needs, whether monthly, fortnightly, or weekly
Nursing / Care Home - Typical types of waste

Clinical Waste, Sack Collection & Wheelie Bin Services

EWC 18-01-04

Offensive waste
placed into yellow tiger stripe bags (in a 50ltr bin or not), then transferred outside for collection in an optional wheelie bin

  • Incontinence pads and nappy waste
  • Sanitary hygiene waste
  • Outer dressings and protective clothing, eg masks, gowns and gloves that are not contaminated with body fluids
  • This waste can be disposed of by incineration or non-hazardous landfill by a registered waste carrier
Sharps & Pharmaceutical Waste (Blue Lid),
EWC 18-01-01, 18-01-03, 18-01-08, 18-01-09
Sharps, pharmi, drug destruction
, Drugs or other pharmaceutical products

  • Held in secure containers for pick up by the registered waste carrier
  • Blud lid containers are for the safe disposal of solid-dose medicines. Our range of containers are a safe and reliable solution for the disposal and collection of drugs, gloves etc..
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments
  • Also includes drugs or other pharmaceutical products
  • This waste is usually disposed of by incineration by a registered waste carrier
  • Units are colour coded with a blue lid, handle and blue label
  • A range of unit sizes available from 3.75 and 22 litre for all pharmaceutical waste
  • Flexible servicing frequency
  • Pharmaceutical units are compliant with strict UN approval criteria
  • Units are designed to be temporarily sealed between use and permanently sealed when full
  • Self locking final closure

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